Digitus Monitor Extension Cable VGA(m)-VGA(f) 5m Näytä suurempana

Digitus Monitor Extension Cable VGA(m)-VGA(f) 5m


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Satisfies the highest demands to the image quality by gold platedt contacts, ferrites and a triple shielding.

For extension of Monitor cables or devices (with HD15 plug), for example, PC, Monitor or Beamer/Projector.

- Connector 1: HD DSUB, 15-pin, plug
- Connector 2: HD DSUB, 15-pin, jack
- Cable type: 3Coax + 9-wire
- UL certified: UL2919
- Display Data Channel: DDC2
- Hoods: molded
- Shielding: triple shielding
- AWG: 28
- Wire material: CU
- Surface: gold-plated
- Ferrite filter: 2 x ferrite beads
- Color cable: black
- Color connector: black/grey
- Length: 5 m
- Packaging: DIGITUS Polybag